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perpetuum and Nau Ivanow call teh third edition of Festival of Dramaturgy on the crisis PIIGS.

Here you have the information and basis:

01. The call is addressed exclusively to choose PLAYWRITERS born or resident in any of the countries members of the European Union.

02. Authors who have a minimum of three published or premiered plays premiered may attend this call.

03. A total of four authors will be selected, from different countries.

04. Each author will send:

- A proposal of synopsis whose subject must be within the festival theme and must include a description of the characters and a sample of two pages of the play submitted.

- The registration form online, all sections completed.

05. Only one proposal per author will be accepted for submission.

06. All documents will be written in Spanish or Catalan or English.

07. The deadline for proposals is 1 February 2016.

08. The jury shall be composed of professionals and members of the organization of the festival.

09. The criteria selection will be the artistic interest and the originality of the proposal, as well as the dramatic treatment adequacy given to the subject matter of the festival.

10. The organization of the festival will appoint the selected authors the writing of an original play based on its proposal of synopsis and characters.

11. The plays will be written in the author’s native language and cannot be translations of other plays. They also cannot have been published, performed or awarded previously to this festival.

12. The maximum duration of the plays will be 60 minutes.

13. On the 7 February 2016, the organization will publish on the festival’s website the authors selected, and they will have until 1 May 2016 to submit their plays.

14. Selected authors will be invited to attend the festival as writers in residence at Nau Ivanow and will be given a bilingual edition with all the participants’ plays.

15. Selected authors will grant permission for the use of their play in the publication and public reading/performance in the festival.

16. Selected authors will undertake the commitment that in the representations and editions of the play shall include:Festival of Dramaturgy on the crisis PIIGS.

17. The documentation submitted by the authors will be destroyed after the notification of the winning authors.

18. Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of these rules and the decisions of the Jury. The organization is empowered to resolve any issue not covered in theses basis.

For more information, please contact to:


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