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The text as a field of dramaturgical possibilities

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Textual Workshop

From a text proposed by the participants, we will investigate the various narrative and scenic possibilities of it, as well as the relationship between story and expressive movement. It can be be a theatrical text, a poem, a story, an essay… The important thing is that it forms part, or it’s the origin, of a scenic project that the participants intend to carry out or in which they are working.


– Give tools to the group to improve their skills in relation to writing and scenic creation.
– Analyze critically and objectively both their own work and classmate’s works.
– Learn techniques to dramatically and scenically develop the starting material.


  • Exploring the text (I) : critical analysis: how to read what we write/virtues and problems of the material.
  • Concepts, themes and references: theoretical definitions and definitions in space.
  • Exploring the text (II): new narrative paths from creative writing.
  • Physical improvisation as rewriting, rewriting as physical improvisation.
  • The dramaturgical relationship between space, body and text.

Participants must send the textual material/project proposal from which they want to start working the week before the workshop begins.