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The man outside

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A play by Wolfgang Borchert. The Man Outside describes the hopelessness of a post-war soldier called Beckmann who returns from Russia to find that he has lost his wife and his home, as well as his illusions and beliefs. He finds every door he comes to closed; even nature seems to reject him.

Artistic team:
Author – Wolfgang Borchert
Translation – Albert Tola
Direction and dramaturgy – Antonio Morcillo López
Cast – Clara Galí, Vicenç Miralles, Berta Giraut i Hugo Guzmán
Lighting – Isabel Franco
Scenography and costume – Eva Alonso
Scenography assistant – César Sánchez
Sound space – Agustí Humet
Sound technician – Jordi Jiménez
Vocal advice – Mariona Ginés
Photography – Miguel Ángel Romero
Graphic design – Rosa Lladó
Poster Photography – Laura Cantarela
Executive production – Cristina Raventós

Premiere at Sala Versus, Barcelona, October 2006.