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[en] Art education

Develop our most playful relationship with language and improve narrative skills to tell any story. Learn to think more with the hand than with the brain, enjoy the process more than the result. In short, write to rewrite and then write again.

– Playing with words: the infinite possibilities of limits.
– Playing with words (II): knowing oneself.
– The character: its construction and exit to the world.
– The point of view and the style.
– The devil is in the details..
– The story: structure and endings.

The course lasts 12 hours, divided into 6 sessions of 2 hours each one.
Exercices and activitites are carry out during the sessions and beyond and will be analysed together.

Virtual course via Zoom.
Languages: Catalan and Spanish.
Teacher: Antonio Morcillo

Antonio is a playwright, theater director and teacher trained at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and Master in Performing Arts from the University of the Basque Country.
He has written more than twenty theater texts, some of them published and others premiered. Among thease, Bangkok (winner of the 2013 SGAE Theater Award), Al Hoyo (published by ADE magazine 2009), Firenze (Arola editores 2003) , In experiments with rats (winner of the 2007 SGAE Theater Award), Farewell II (winner of the 2001 SGAE Theater Award) and Los Carniceros (winner of the 1998 Marqués de Bradomín Award).

Currently he combines his role as an author with teaching in different theatre and cinema schools and periodically gives writing workshops in collaboration with educational entities and (UNED, Fundación Pare Manel).