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OAC. Capsule 2: New forms of community in a post Covid time.

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Artistic Observatory on the Crisis. Our reality is built on certain crises. Our society is a society of permanent crisis and citizens seems to float, as a set of elements, at random from the effects of the crisis that is touching at every moment. We perceive the crisis as a state of being of our contemporary society, the Zeitgeist of our times.

As Charles Eisentein says in the New York Times … «Our responses to crises always go through some kind of control. And now comes Covidien-19, the ideal setting to exercise control over the population: quarantines, isolations, confinements, movement control, social distance, information control, control of our bodies.

This accumulation of crisis and its severity is giving rise to new ways of relating, new forms of community. And we ask ourselves, what kind of community is being born with the perpetual establishment of social distance? How can we meet the OTHER without physical contact? Should we give wings to the perception of the OTHER as danger?

We want to place the COMMUNITY at the center of the debate.

With Capsule 2 we want to investigate, understand this repetitive crisis situation and build new forms of community linked to culture and art.

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