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La Confraternita del Chianti

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La Confraternita is a stable company, founded by Chiara Boscaro and Marco Di Stefano, that works in the creation of a repertoire of contemporary drama and the development of multidisciplinary and pedagogical cultural projects dedicated to both adults and children, in Italy and abroad.

From 2014 until today he has carried out the international project PENTATEUCO which has led him to produce 5 monologues in various European countries, such as Romania, Croatia, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom. The company received the Theater and Memory Award of the Cervi Museum, the Voice Theater Award of the Youth Society of Endas, the Teatro dell’Argine and Crexida, the Award of the Valtellina Theater Festival and the Production Award of the SUQ Festival in Genoa. The members of the company are: Chiara Boscaro, Valeria Sara Costantin, Marco Di Stefano, Marco Pezza, Diego Runko and Giulia Versari.

La Confraternita is part of the Associazione K., a theatre residence affiliated to the Asociación ETRE and managed by MANIFATTURA K., a theatre space located in the municipality of Pessano Con Bornago (MI). And is member of IETM, an international network for the performing arts.

perpetuum and La Confraternità teams met at the last edition of the Festival of Dramaturgy on the crisis PIIGS with the reading of the play

07.09.2012 by Chiara Boscaro and Marco Di Stefano
Translation: Carles Fernández Giua
Direction: Alberto Díaz
Performers: Laura Pujolàs y Alberto Díaz
Voices: Berta Giraut i Ignasi Guasch

and we are currently working on the second phase of the PIIGS project: The Artistic Observatory on the Crisis_New forms of community.