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Hippolytus or Hippolytus gaze

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« I remember the first time I saw you
it was early in the morning
in Athens.
You were walking beside Theseus
but you hardly even looked at me
instead I watched you carefully.
I saw you … »

The action starts with the death of Hippolytus, reminded by his stepmother Phaedra. While the bright afternoon goes down, Phaedra is all alone, and obsession, repentance, guilt and innocence arise from her soul searching still the gaze of her stepson, Hippolytus. As her beloved sweetheart´s eyes, the memories also run away towards obscurity, while melting with shame and desire coming in unison inside Phaedra´s body. To the loving memory of her impossible love for Hippolytus, are her last words directed to, full of a desolate passion and despair.

Our proposal wants to be a statement of intentions: a marble table, a glass of wine and a white shirt, objects that swing between their symbolic and everyday character. The actress’s body and language, the beauty of her movements in a totally naked space, with the aim of reaching in a fuller and more intimate way the natural destination of the theatrical act: the public.

Show based on texts by Iannis Ritsos, P.Olov Enquist and Antonio Morcillo.

Artistic profile:
Direction and dramaturgy – Antonio Morcillo López
Performers – Bea Insa y Pau Segura
Stage and costume design – perpetuummobile
Photography and vidual medias – Jordi Boixareu
Production – Laura Perramon i Rosa Moliné
Graphic design – Rosa Lladó

Mercè Managuerra, Joan Casas, Eri Ritsou, Oscar García, Jaume Bach, Sara Chust, Clara Matas, Eva Pérez, Julie Beaudrix, Josep and Sergi Díaz (de Fabra i Coats).

Production of perpetuummobile with the support of Generalitat de Catalunya and collaboration of Tanzfabrik , Berlin and Fabra i Coats, fàbrica de creació de Barcelona.

Show in Catalan and Spanish.
Duration: 60 minutes.

Premiere: Teatre Casal de Vallromanes, 2011.
Prize best actress at V Cenit (Certamen de nuevos investigadores teatrales). Sevilla. 2012.
Shows at Azart Ship of Fools, Donosti, 2013 and Pabellon 6, Bilbo, 2013.

Currently, it is periodically performed in monologue format in various venues and festivals in the Basque Country, by the actress Bea Insa.