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First Aid Drama

[en] Art education

First aid drama is a first aid workshop-kit for anyone who wants to improve their expressive and communicative abilities. Either for a personal growth issue or that, due to issues related to your work, you need tools related to interpretation to survive.
First aid drama addresses a wide range of profiles and needs, from people in the world of teaching, tour guides, law, business, journalism, etc. and that therefore they work before an audience, with creatives such as scriptwriters or 2-3D animators who have to build a fictional character through healthcare personnel (psychologists, social workers and doctors) who deal with vulnerable groups.
The contents of the workshop are adapted to the type of the atendees, always starting from concepts such as oral expression and gesture, expression of emotions and movement, improvisation, stage fright and self-awareness of our body.

– The two narratives: what we say and what our body says.
– Emotions and feelings: the journey of their expression.
– Breathing, voice, text and body language.
– Stage fright: what can we do?
– The character as an alter ego.

Option1: face-to-face course lasting 15 hours, 5 sessions of 3 hours each.

Option 2: master class and personalized online tutoring, aimed at solving questions related to a specific event (presentations, job interviews, debates, etc.). Duration: 2 hours