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Culture in crisis: policy guide for a resilient creative sector

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December 2020, UNESCO published the paper Culture in Crisis: A Policy Guide for a Resilient Creative Sector. A guide offers practical guidance for cultural policy makers.

This guide seeks to provide an overview of the set of emergency measures taken by States in favor of the cultural professions, institutions and industries, and also aims to be an instrument that contributes to strengthening the resilience of the creative and cultural sector.

The Guide presents 15 key measures to address the impact of COVID-19 on the creative sector, grouped into three major categories:

1) Direct support for artists and cultural professionals to ensure income.
It is approached from four points: 1) social benefits, 2) commissions and purchases of works, 3) compensation for loss of income and 4) creation of skills.

2) Support to cultural and creative industries through compensation of operational losses and support for new productions.
This part addresses issues such as: 1) fast delivery of grants and subsidies, 2) temporary relaxation of regulatory obligations, 3) compensation for losses due to interruption of activities, 4) tax relief and reduction of social charges, 5 ) stimulating demand, 6) loans under preferential conditions and 7) strengthening infrastructure.

3) Support for the competitiveness of the cultural industries, with creativity as a form of resilience.
Measures designed to help this type of industries to adapt to the new conditions of internal markets and international exchanges. The following factors are addressed: 1) participation mechanisms to assess needs and study feasibility, 2) adaptation of business models, 3) promotion of national content and 4) tax incentives for foreign investments.

The document is available in 3 languages: Spanish, English and French.