Resilience, sustainability and creativity.

Social creative and playwriting workshop

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Dramaturgia in fieri

We propose a writing workshop in continuos process of rewriting, a free exploration of all aspects of a story and the different ways to develop an idea.

We will work from a “play proposal”, from a specific story provided by each participant, a real or invented one in which we want to deepen, research and develop. From this first input, we will begin a process of theoretical-practical analysis that will explore the narrative possibilities of the plot, the characters, the dramatic forms, the theme or themes, the implicit symbolism and the style. To do so, we’ll use resources from both creative and theatre writing.

The aim of the proposal is to give answers from writing, to encourage creativity and critical and active reflection on certain facts or situations. Faced with the complexity of conflicts, faced of the current uncertainty situation, we want to work with the disparity of views and self-criticism, avoiding pamphlets, thinking of the best way to articulate our opinion on the paper and on stage.

Who is it for:
The workshop is aimed at playwrights or students, performers of the performing arts, creative profiles, professionals from different educational, health, social and cultural fields, etc. In short, to people committed to the need to find new models of organization and coexistence and with a desire to generate debates and propose changes in the immediate reality.

The workshop lasts 12 hours, divided into 6 sessions of 2 hours each.
Exercises will done in class and outside of class and will be analyzed together.

Virtual course via zoom.

Dates: Thursday from 5pm to 7,30pm. From July 1 to 29, 2021.
Espai Lazzigags: C/Vallespir, 32 de Barcelona
Languages: Catalan and Spanish.
Teacher: Antonio Morcillo
Price: € 60
20% discount:
– students and graduates from ACET partner schools and the Institut del Teatre
– associated with the AADPC and TTP
– unemployed people
– people over 65 years old