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Laura, a middle-aged married woman and mother of two, becomes obsessed with the announcement of a lost lovebird couple in her neighborhood. After looking for them unsuccessfully for days, she decides to buy similar ones and give them to their owner, Fidel. She decides not to tell her family anything. Finally, once she goes to Fidel’s home and talk to him, she will discover what has led her there.

Short film in postproduction process.

Screenplay and Direction: Antonio Morcillo
Direction Assistant: Dennis Gleiss
Production: perpetuum
Executive Production: Eric AbadAS Cinema
Production assistant: David García
Art Director: Marta Rosell
Script: Oscar Rea
Cast: Adriana Escalas, Maria Rodríguez, Jordi Gracia, Xavier Lite, Taga Moliné i Juliette Moliné