Resilience, sustainability and creativity.

About us

perpetuummobile was born in 2011 with the intention of bringing together different trajectories and experiences to be able to self-realize as artists. Since then, the project has evolved and covered more extensive and diverse fields in the artistic field. Without knowing it, the name we chose, perpetuum mobile, has defined our activity and evolution: the continuous movement, the continue search in a way of expressing ourselves, in a way of feeling comfortable with our own personal and artistic evolution.

Our aims

  1. Cultural development of associates and the community at large.
  2. To promote the integral growth of the individual and the society as a whole.
  3. To value and promote art as a tool for personal and social transformation.
  4. Encouragement, promotion and dissemination of the arts in general, and of theatrical and audiovisual creation in particular.
  5. Promotion of artistic training (courses, conferences, workshops, meetings, etc.).
  6. The promotion of research and the dissemination of the arts.
  7. Management and coordination of cultural, social and educational projects.
We are interested in artistic research, training and creation. We are interested in how the Arts Impact Communities and vice versa. We believe in the potential of the student as a creator. We believe in the here and now of their urgencies and needs. We do not understand pedagogy but as the first step of the true artistic manifestation. Make it the center of the debate. Our question.

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